Gypsy Pond Hockey Music

Gypsy Pond Hockey Music

Digital Music Ensemble, directed by Stephen Rush

+ members of the U-M Hockey Team

Feb. 26!

5:30-6, Wednesday at YOST ICE ARENA (seriously).


Gypsy Pond HOCKEY Music!!!

Digital Music Ensemble, directed by Stephen Rush, and the U-M hockey team to find out what happens if you turn a hockey game into an

techno-ambient music concert. Ever wonder if ice emits tone clusters? What does a contact mic sound like on an ice skate?

Skate-Mic!  WOW!

Skate-Mic! WOW!

The Digital Music Ensemble will be hosting a30-minute concert on the Moore Building pond on Tuesday, February 11 at 7 pm. In collaboration with the U-M hockey team, they will be exploring how the natural sound of a live hockey game can be translated into music in real time.

Mics frozen in ice, oxygen tanks, a choir of freezing students,  trance-dub music, what could go wrong?


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