Tuesday – Day 24, August 12, 2014

Another incredible day – to say the least.  Lessons in the morning for everyone but Mrdangam (they have a busy teacher, who holds an economics post at U-M, University of Mysore!).  The afternoon held an incredibly gracious gathering of high tea at the home of wonderful Chandrakala, the eminently lovable staff worker who has accompanied us on many, many adventures.  We met her entire family (actually, Merilynne and I had Lakshmi Puja there last Friday), and enjoyed tea, coffee, Parli-G and other fantastic snacks.  There were many many smiles and laughs.  Kala showed all the women her beautiful saree’s.  And meeting “Kala’s” parents was a very special treat.

Then, something typical to India – going to a cultural event, and awaiting the unexpected.  How to wait for the unpredictable? How do YOU do it, dear reader?  When the main thing to do is “not to expect,” how to anticipate it?

Indeed…what was advertised in the paper (Star of Mysore!) as a 7pm Veena concert turned out to be a huge Ragavendra Festival (saint) with very very crowded, hot, noisy (VERY!) puja, including clanging pitched and un-pitched gongs, plus Nadaswarams and Tavvil.  Nothing that we had expected…but then….here we are.

After waiting 1:45 (that’s one hour and forty five minutes) on a hard concrete floor covered with dirt and street mess….one of the simply most sublime concerts I have ever heard commenced…and we could really only stay for 45 minutes.  Zen? Well…yes, actually.  QUITE.  “Good things come to those who wait?”  Also true!

As rare as the veena concerts are now, this was well worth the wait, but people are very very tired today, since we didn’t eat until 10pm and yoga, yes, is at 6am! Rise and…Shine? Our Sun Salutations were a tad cloudy this morning! On we go! Not much time left. Seize every moment!

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