new Discography (2018) here.

(electronic, jazz, opera, chamber, symphonic, spoken word)


Crystal Mooncone – psychedelic electronic music
•Listening Music for the Age of the Crystal Moon Cone
Get it HERE for 7$

•Pauline Oliveros and the Digital Music Ensemble
Get it HERE:

•Go Blue – Digital Music Ensemble with “Blue Gene” Tyranny (on o.o.records)
Get it HERE:

•Alternate Currents (Randalog) – on Centaur Records
Get it HERE:

Naked Dance – avant-jazz
•Naked Dance!
Get it HERE:

•Dark Matter
Get it HERE: (contact – free postage!/vinyl and DVD avail.)

•Something Nearby (out SOON on Leo Records)
Get it HERE: ( for now)

Yuganaut – Avant-Jazz
•This Musicship (on ESP Disk’)
Get it HERE:

•Sharks (on Engine Records)
Get it HERE:

With Roscoe Mitchell-

•Four Ways (with Roscoe Mitchell, on Nessa Records)
Get it HERE:

•Numbers (8-8-88) on Rogue Arts Records
Get it HERE:″>″>

•Steve Rush Quartet with Roscoe Mitchell (on MMC Records)
Get it HERE:

•Roscoe Mitchell Note Factory on Il Manifesto Records(2 compositions by Rush)
Get it HERE:

•Jazz Piano Concerto
Get it HERE on Envoi Records: (contact

•Possession (Warsaw Philharmonic)- conducted by Gil Rose
Get it HERE:

•Interior Castle (coming) (Ken Kiesler conducting)
(contact for a sample recording)

•Concierto Brasiliera Con Moto with Richard Stolzman–Ravello Records
Get it HERE:–con-moto-vol-2

•Stop Blaming Columbus
Get it HERE:

•VidGod (electronic opera)
Sampler Video HERE:

•Two Candles Burning (string quartet/four singers
Get it HERE: )-video/audio avail. From

•Murders in the Rue Morgue (electronic opera)
Get it HERE:

Chamber Music:

•Rebellion (with Christopher Lamb and Joe Alessi) on CALA Records
Get it HERE:

•Rebellion and Inner Rebellion (with Mark Hetzler and Jessica Johnson) on Summit Records
Get it HERE:

•Nature’s Course (Alison Shaw, marimba) on Eroica Records

•Seventh Heaven Rag (Saxophone Quartet)
Moanin’ Frogs COMING SOON
Toledo Group COMING SOON

•Whirlwind (Harp and Alto Sax.) –

Spoken Word:

•Space for God (with Don Postema) (spoken word with music by Stephen Rush)
Get it HERE: (or contact

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