DME plays with Elliott Sharp (and remotely with Henry Grimes!)

Elliott’s Coming! Elliott’s Coming!! Tuesday – April 2 @ 7-10PM!!!      DL-1 at the DUDE!

If you clapped from Ann Arbor, how long would it take that sound to reach New York, or Illinois?

Digital Music Ensemble, with students from RPI and U-Ill, Urban-Champaign

Plus special LIVE guest Elliott Sharp, and special remote Guest – Henry Grimes
7-10pm, DL 1, Duderstadt Building, U-M (you can wander in and out, come late! or leave early!).



Come out on TUESDAY night for an Internet performance with students from University of Illinois led by John Toenjes (there)  and legendary bass player Henry Grimes; and RPI’s students – led by Pauline Oliveros.

Composition: North American Music (N.A.M.) by Carolina Heredia


Did we mention it’s FREE!

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