Grandpa Steve

Steve, if you must know, is a Grampa (not Grandfather!) times 3.

Matthew (Ruthemma’ boy)- the oldest – is 11 and a master of playing Space Fire Monkeys.

Celeste (Ruthemma and Tom’s girl)-  is the silliest of the three.  She’s a wild-woman and precious and precocious at the same time (it’s possible!).

“Lizzie” is the newbie (Peter and Carrie’s baby) Born on the 4th of July, she’s Steve’s soul-sistuh (he was born on the Flag Day!).  Lizzie is a giggly bundle of joy, and emanates love that is truly infectious. She is now 4.

Steve is obviously happiest when he’s playing with these three huge blessings.  Everything else is a metaphor.