Stephen Rush’s many recordings are found in various places –, iTunes,  and BandCamp sites (for Crystal Mooncone).  Some of his work is available on LP  – such as Naked Dance! and “Sharks” by his band, Yuganaut.  Escape Beam III is also available as an actual Mooncone.  These items are available by emailing Steve directly at  The rest are available commercially.

New projects this year include:

  • Crystal Mooncone – Escape Beam IV – to accompany their West Coast Tour (see, March 1-10
  • Neil Thornock (BYU) recording Rush’s entire Carillon Repertory
  • Jazz Piano Concerto – to be recorded by Ellen Rowe (conductor) and the University of Michigan Jazz Ensemble (and touring upstate New York, NYC, and Connecticut)
  • Ken Keisler and the University of Michigan Philharmonic Orchestra (UPO) Recording Rush’s Symphony #2, “Interior Castle” (for St. Theresa)
  • Naked Dance recording “Dark Matters”, a project dealing with the Big Bang, to accompany a video emulation of the Big Bang working with physicists at U-M and at the Fermi Labs, as well as artist Jim Cogswell

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